9 Email Types to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is an excellent way to build relationships, engage with potential customers and increase sales for your business.
In fact, 74% of marketers who use email consider it the best distribution channel for their content and studies show that for every $1 spent email marketing typically returns $42. By sending a mix of different types of emails, you can keep your subscribers engaged and your open rates high. In this article, we’ll explain why variety in email marketing matters and outline nine email types that you can use in your marketing efforts to help grow your business and engage your subscriber list.

1. How sending different types of emails keeps your list active and engaged

Unlike social media channels, which do not guarantee that your message will always reach your followers, email marketing is not subject to ever-changing algorithms. Once a subscriber chooses to opt in to your email list, they’ll consistently receive the content you send as long as you don’t end up on an email blacklist.
Given that your customers and sales prospects are likely to see your content, it’s important to ensure that your emails are engaging and resonate with the varying needs of your customers. To accomplish regular communication, many marketers rely on repeatable types of email marketing templates to stay in touch with their list.
While repeated email messages work well for informing and captivating new customers, sending the same type of email over and over again throughout a customer’s journey will cause them to lose interest. If they feel like they’re frequently getting the same type of information with minimal added value, your open rates will decrease and people will begin to unsubscribe.
By sending a mix of announcements, company news, recommendations for products or services and transactional emails, you’ll be more likely to attract new subscribers, conduct lead nurturing and generate sales from your list.

2. Discount or special promotion email

This is an email that includes a discount, coupon or some other special offer that you send out to subscribers as a “thank you” for being on your email list. Offer emails tend to have high open rates.
Not all business models include offering sales and discounts, but it’s good practice to occasionally send out some sort of special offer that’s exclusive to email subscribers to make them feel special and show thanks for staying loyal to your brand.
Ideally, the discount or special offer generates sales and drives support. To ensure your special offer email is successful, be sure to add an element of urgency or scarcity to the offer to inspire your subscribers to act now and not miss out. Here are some examples of ways to do that in your email subject line and email preheader text::

Key components:

  • Opens with the specific offer or discount. They immediately highlight the key offering of getting 40% off of your first year. 
  • Explains value to the user. They clearly state that if you buy in, you’ll “increase compassion, positivity and make new friends”. 
  • Gives the reader a reason to act. By setting an end date that the offer expires, the reader knows that they only have so much time to take advantage of this massive discount.

3. New offer

New offer emails can include several things, including the launch of a new product, a limited-edition release, a special promotion, an upcoming event, or the option to pre-order a product.
Regardless of what your new product or service is, your subscribers should be the first to know. Email subscribers are some of your most engaged customers, so sharing it with them is a great way to show your appreciation for them being on your list.
If your new product or service isn’t coming out for another few weeks, you can still leverage your email list to build excitement and interest. For example, you can allow those on your email list to pre-order or get on a waitlist. You can also include teasers through video trailers, product previews and other engaging content.
When launching a new offer, it’s best practice to email your list about it more than once to build up anticipation rather than sending a standalone email. Here’s an announcement drip email marketing sequence you can follow to make sure your audience is interested and excited about your new product or service.
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